Our Results


Our Results
Making a positive impact on our youth

Academic Success

97% of students are on Grade Level for their age
94% of students expect to graduate high school on time

Character & Leadership

94% of teens have not been arrested in the past 12 months
73% abstain from fighting when dealing with conflict

Healthy Lifestyles

78% of members engage in physical activity at least 3 days a week
97% of teens abstain from cigarettes and marijuana
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Youth of the Year
Jaylah Lane

Jaylah Lane joined the Southside Homes Clubhouse of A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club five years ago at the age of eleven. Being a part of the Club, and becoming actively engaged, helped Jaylah to take a critical look at her surroundings and herself. She began to recognize that kids at her school always seemed to follow each other and behave exactly the same as everyone else - no one expressed any originality. She also recognized that people in her neighborhood always sought the easy way out, never putting in hard work. As a member of the Club Jaylah learned to express her own personality and that hard work and a good work ethic pays off.

Jaylah became very engaged with various programs offered at the Club, including Keystone Club, Torch Club, Money Matters, Graduate for Mas, Junior Staff, and SMART Girls. She feels that each program has helped to shape her in a positive way, and has helped her to set goals that are opening the door to a great future. “While all the crazy things in life may be happening, the Club is always there to keep me focused. Every person in this world has goals. Some just don’t have the motivation to reach them. Being at the Club, I not only have set goals, but also gained the confidence needed to achieve them.”
Jaylah gives AGGBGC credit for helping her to see her own strengths and weaknesses, and pushing her to focus on her goals. She is determined to keep growing and moving in a positive direction. “The staff wants one thing from the teens. They want to see us succeed. With their help, I know that I can do just that and be ready to take on the world.”

Jaylah plans to work hard, go to college, and ultimately become a well-known dermatologist. Since she’s always found joy in helping others, her goal is to work hard enough that she is able to give back to her community.
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